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Marissa Ortiz

Marissa Ortiz, Layout and Social Media Editor

Why did you join Newspaper?  I wanted to gain an insight to journalism and how it functions because I want to be a journalist/broadcast as my career.

From which quote do you find inspiration? "Even if the results don't come out as expected, don't hate yourself" by Christopher Bang. This is my favorite quote because one, he is an idol that I look up to and two because I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to school and life and when I read the quote it helps me calm down and relives my stress.

What is your favorite aspect of Palm Beach Central?  My favorite thing about Palm Beach Central is joining PBC dance team. Not only am I captain and have friendly teammates that I truly love, it also is an outlet I use to destress from a busy school day.

What career path do you see yourself following? I would love to pursue a career in journalism/broadcasting. I find this career very interesting because I love reporting on new things and learning about different events that are happening in the world. Informing people about what is going on in their community is something that drives me to this field also.

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Marissa Ortiz