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Dayton Smith

Dayton Smith, Staff Writer

Why did you join Newspaper? What I hope to get out of Newspaper is the experience. Writing has always been something I enjoyed doing, and I saw the opportunity to join Newspaper and I took it. Ever since Journalism 1, I feel in love with Newspaper. I see journalism of some sort being in my future and Newspaper is the perfect way to prepare myself and exercise my writing.

What is your favorite quote? "I think it's time to go now, I think my curtain's falling. Just don't forget about me, when you get out of college. If it's my final album and if I am forgotten, I hope I made you smile, that's all I ever wanted" by Jack Met.  This quote is actually lyrics, but lyrics are quotes. These lines echo through my mind constantly. Being forgotten is one of my worst fears and inspiring someone is one of my biggest goals. These lyrics perfectly capture me. I want to be remembered, but who doesn't. All the experiences I've had I want to be passed on for others while having the enjoyment of being alive.

What is your favorite aspect of Palm Beach Central? My favorite thing about Palm Beach Central is the people I've met. I met some of my closest friends through this school, and I know they will be with me to the end. They will see how I turn out, and I will see how they do, and that's something I have been searching for.

What career path do you see yourself following?  I would like to pursue a career in music. I love it, and who doesn't. It's such a beautiful and empowering thing. I've always had it in my life and I've always loved it. It is literally how emotions sound. And it's a perfect way to share my life, to share my experiences, and to share my feelings. I hope to inspire someone through that.
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Dayton Smith