Friendly, outgoing senior cheers for bright future


Photo courtesy of Addison Fiorillo

Addison Fiorillo’s (l) cheerful disposition and academic discipline endeared her to many teachers and fellow students such as her cheer teammate and friend Madilyn Gersten (r).

Max Cedeno, Sports Editor

From competition cheerleading, to student government, to National Honor Society, senior Addison Fiorillo’s involvement has made her a familiar face to many across Palm Beach Central’s campus. 

Within Central’s student body, there are few people who even come close to being as involved as Addison. Her participation in extracurricular activities has given her the chance to display her many talents in academics and athletics.  

Fiorillo is a member of two different varsity sports teams at Central, Girls Varsity Lacrosse and Varsity Cheer. She started playing lacrosse as a freshman, but her love for cheerleading goes all the way back to when she was only three years old. 

As a young kid, Addison watched her older sister cheer for her high school, and those memories stuck with her to the present day.

“ I always saw how much fun she was having, so I’ve always wanted to be a part of something like that,” expressed Fiorillo. 

Too many, being a part of a school sports team is a vital part of the high school experience, giving students opportunities that no other school organization can match; Addison can attest to that. 

 In her junior year, Fiorillo was presented with the opportunity to represent her school at the cheer state competition. Her persistence in the craft landed her 2nd place overall in the tournament, but she claims the benefits of cheer reach further than the competition floor. 

 “Being part of a sports team has really helped me open up to people and make new friends while bonding over common interests,” explained Fiorillo. 

Beyond making friends,  sports have also helped her “with her grades and focus in school,” and “has made high school more enjoyable” for her. 

In addition to sports, Fiorillo is involved in the National Honor Society (NHS) and she is the Vice President of Student Government (SGA). Both of these organizations are well recognized for their service around campus, and their members are often some of the most hardworking and virtuous students in the classroom. For the past four years, Addison has been partaking in the Cambridge University AICE program, and earlier this year she was awarded her AICE diploma for her academic performance. 

“She is a thoughtful, young lady,” said Ms. Biferie, Fiorillo’s AICE Language A Level teacher.  “She took my feedback to heart and genuinely tried to improve with each assignment.  She was always willing to learn and welcomed challenging, new ideas.”

Being a member of all these extracurricular activities while maintaining a nearly perfect report card surely can restrict someone’s free time. 

 “Although being involved in school has been a lot, I would take any time during the day to try and get my homework done,” explained Fiorillo. By doing so, it limited the amount of work I had to do when I got home and I could go to sleep every night at a reasonable time.”

As Addison prepares herself to take on college in the upcoming year, one of her main focuses is narrowing down the school she wants to attend. In the fall of 2021, Addison wants to pursue a career in nursing and further her education at Florida State University. 

“I want to be a neonatal nurse because when I was young I had meningitis and had to be in the hospital for a while and the nurses were really good to my family, so I wanted to be able to help some families that are going through something like my family did.” 

Now that her high school career is coming to an end, Addison Fiorillo can move on knowing that she has made the most of her opportunities and created memories that will last her a lifetime.