Aye, aye captain: Senior makes a splash as swim team captain


Photo courtesy of Jake Glenn

Jake Glenn perfects his butterfly medley at practice this year. The butterfly medley is Glenn’s favorite event.

Isabella Thomas, Sports Editor

This Central Swim and Dive member makes a splash as a lifeguard and prepares to take his talents into his senior season. 

Senior Jake Glenn has been a part of the Varsity Swim and Dive team for four years. Glenn’s journey as a competitive swimmer began in eighth grade, along with his two younger sisters. Since then, he has grown as a swimmer and as a team member, boosting him to the prestigious title of Captain this year.

His coach, Kenneth Caplin, noted that Jake is “versatile and friendly,” which are the admirable qualities wanted in a captain. 

“Jake can swim many different events,” revealed Coach Caplin. “We sometimes put him in the 200 individual medley, sometimes in the 100 butterfly, sometimes in the 100 backstroke, and sometimes in the 100 freestyle.”

Beyond his diversity of skills as a swimmer, Glenn can be seen as a lifeguard at the Wellington Aquatics Complex. His time as a lifeguard has been underway since his sophomore year spring break. It was supposed to be just a summer job,  but he ended up working year-round. The school team and his club team both practice at this complex.

In addition to swimming and lifeguarding, Glenn also finds himself participating in a beach volleyball club with his dad. The team sometimes practices at their beach court in his backyard. His team, Epic Beach Volleyball plays in tournaments all over the state; they won second place at a tournament over the summer in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

“It was a lot of fun to play in the tournament,” said Jake, “and the competition was great.” 

You may have seen Glenn on beach volleyball courts, but also around the halls of Building Two with Troupe 6671. He has been working with the theatre department since his freshman year. His first show was The Crucible, and he “loved being a part of it.” Over the years, he has continued to hold the title of a Bronco Player and does “play” favorites.  

“My favorite show, without a doubt, was Drowsy Chaperone,” shared Glenn. “I really became a part of the theatre family because of it, and I’ll always hold it close to my heart.” 

Not only is it one of his favorite activities at school, but it has also brought him some recognition. At a festival in his sophomore year, Glenn won “Best Featured Actor” for one of his roles in The Boys Next Door; he recounts this as one of the funniest memories from theatre. 

Jake vocalized his favorite teacher is Ms. Marshall, affectionately known as “Marsh,” who is  the head of the theatre program. She has loved teaching Jake, and over these past four years have bonded through their mutual love of the stage.  

“He is a team player,” said Marshall. “He is willing to come in and help whenever he is needed.”

Outside of sports, theatre, and his job, he finds himself getting lost in universal theories. One of his favorites is Einstein’s theory suggesting if there were only a single object in the entire universe, there can not be such a thing as motion. Jake explains that when there is a second object there can be motion, as motion is “where you are relative to a certain point.”

In addition to universal theories, Glenn investigates quantum physics which he finds incredibly interesting. He is especially fascinated by the fact that there is “an entire universe in every atom.” 

“I like trying to understand the impossible to understand,” expressed Glenn. 

Apart from all his extracurriculars, he also sticks close to his faith. He points out that he is passionate about it, and has always had it to turn to in hard times.

We wish our Captain Jake Glenn and his team a safe and successful season. Keep up the good work and continue to show your Central PRIDE as you test the waters.