Time out! Athletic honor society makes its debut at Central


Photo courtesy of Max Cedeno

Max Cedeno and teammate Eduardo Diaz play against the Canyons on their home court. Like many of the school’s athletes, they can balance both academics and sports in their schedules.

Isabella Thomas, Sports Editor

At Central, it is evident that academic success is recognized, but a new honor society is here to set apart the students who excel in both athletics and academics.

The culture of the Broncos is heavily influenced by competition and involvement in athletics. Sports teams are highly respected at Central, as they are full of hard-working and diligent student-athletes. These star students do not only care about practice and games but take high pride in their academics and clubs. 

To recognize high achieving student-athletes, a chapter of the National Athletic Honor Society has been founded by sponsors Ms. Abby Elder and Mr. Travis Abel. 

The National Athletic Honor Society is a society with a mission to recognize, support, and reward high school student-athletes who achieve excellence in academics and athletics. With guidance, members further develop their talents to become well-rounded and successful individuals while positively contributing to their respective communities.

Though there are many student-athletes at Central, applications were exclusively for juniors and seniors who have taken part in a sport for two consecutive years while maintaining a 3.500 GPA. In addition, applicants were expected to exhibit the five core beliefs of good citizenship, sportsmanship, competition, moral character, and friendship. 

The chapter has appointed officers already, elected by votes of the members. National Athletic Honor Society’s inaugural president is senior Talia Pondiscio, who has been a captain of the Varsity Girls Lacrosse team for two years. The Vice President is junior Leila Etemadi, a member of the Varsity Girls Soccer team. The Treasurer is Christina Hermida, member of both the Varsity Volleyball and Lacrosse teams. Finally, the Coordinator of Community Service is senior Isabella Thomas, member of the Varsity Girls Lacrosse team.

Both sponsors are heavily active and respected in Bronco athletics; Coach Elder serves as the secretary for the athletic department and Coach Abel is the athletic director. 

Beyond the athletic department, the sponsors can be found in the classroom, on the field, or on the court. Ms. Elder resides in building five teaching Engineering in the day time, but then on the court as an assistant coach for Girls Volleyball. Coach Abel teaches both Biology, as well as Anatomy and Physiology, and can be spotted on the field as head coach of the Varsity Girls Lacrosse program. 

The National Athletic Honor Society strives to provide a way for student-athletes to get involved in an honor society surrounding their own interests. One of the main goals of the honor society is to help get students integrated into service and their academics. 

Many students at Central may be interested in this society as it adds respect to being a student-athlete. 

“I joined the National Athletic Honor Society because I always thought there wasn’t enough recognition for those student-athletes who prevail in school and sports, which is a difficult task to manage,” expressed senior Myles Henderson of the football team. “Now that NAHS is an option, it’s a no-brainer to join it.”

It is without a doubt the sponsors and students in the honor society will have a lasting impact on their community. Whether it is decorating for senior nights, or reading to elementary school students, the debut members of the honor society will pave the way for years to come. 

“My hopes are that NAHS will build a reputation for itself,” expressed Ms. Elder.  “I hope that student-athletes will strive to join as they see what our members are accomplishing. My goal is to have our members be visible in groups at games as well as show visibility through Senior Night celebrations and outreach to our community.”

Coach Abel is hopeful for what the honor society will turn into over the next few months. 

“I have seen Athletic Honor Societies fail, and I have seen them be one of the top organizations,” Coach Travis Abel said.  “This year’s group will really define what this honor society will turn out to be.” 

The student-athletes within the honor society share the same hopes as their sponsor. 

“I expect to be able to volunteer and help out in my community while sharing my love for sports”  noted senior Ashley Jacob of the Varsity cheer and swim teams.

The honor society is a great way for student-athletes to serve their community the best way they know how to, with their love for sports.