Putting the “u” in community volunteering

Kali Gaylord, Staff Writer

Boynton, West Palm, and Wellington are home to many of our Broncos, and giving back to the places so many call home is a great way to improve livelihood and strengthen the bond between communities.

There are so many simple and easy ways all Broncos can give back to the community, and each contribution can have a major impact.

For graduation, students need 20 hours of community service with a non-profit organization.  For Bright Future, however, students will need 100 hours but these can be earned through a job or a nonprofit, but not a combination of both.  


Volunteering is a fantastic way to help the community and there are so many organizations and events to volunteer for, catering to each individual’s likes and interests. For some inspiration on where to volunteer, check out this previous story: AICE your Bright Futures with these volunteer opportunities

Pick Up Litter

Litter along the side of the road or a sidewalk makes an area look trashy. Literally. Keep Palm Beach County Beautiful is a program sponsored by the Solid Waste Authority that gives volunteers an opportunity to safely clean up roadways.  Broncos can start picking up litter under a bridge or just outside the front gate, and this not only helps Palm Beach Central’s image but also helps the environment by clearing away any hazardous materials.

For the Farmers

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Florida uses 9.7 million acres of land for farming purposes. That’s just over 21 percent of all land in the state. To take advantage of the lush produce Florida farmers have to offer and support the community, shop at a farmer’s market. Produce from a farmers market is sure to be much fresher and is harvested at peak ripeness, ensuring a taste that can’t be found in a regular chain supermarket. According to Green Business Bureau, buying local can boost Palm Beach County’s economy, support families, and “strengthen community and culture.” Local produce and goods can be found at Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market in Boynton Beach or Rorabeck’s Plants and Produce in Lake Worth.

Donations from the Bronco Nation

Donating is a great way to clear closets and here at Palm Beach Central, Broncos have the opportunity to do so. At the front of the school, there is a clothes donation bin. If you would rather not lug a giant bag of clothes around at school, heading over to Goodwill is a great place to drop off the bag. Goodwill is a non-profit organization started in 1902 to help people who might have a difficult time finding work. Some have past addiction problems and others might have criminal records.  The money made from these donations goes right back into Goodwill’s mission of helping people reach their full potential. To find a donation center near you, click here.


Palm Beach Central is always looking for tutors to help students reach their full academic potential. Many of the school’s honor societies offer students free tutoring after school. Being a tutor is a great way to show off your skills while greatly helping another student who is in need. 

“In the past when I’ve struggled academically it has been a couple of tutors that have had an immeasurable impact on my experiences in school and my mental health,” explained junior Charlotte Bullen, who tutors SAT and ACT in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.  “If I can give back even a fraction of that then I feel that I have paid it forward.” 

Check with your honor society or local library to see if they are in need of tutors. 

Foster a Fur Baby

If you’ve ever gone to Home Depot, you may have seen the crowd of cats that run around the back. If you ever want to make sure these cats are safe and have a home, fostering may be for you. Fostering an animal is a temporary living situation for an animal until it is ready to be adopted. Shelters such as Big Dog Ranch and Peggy Adams use foster parents to help acclimate dogs and cats as well as to test the personality of the pet (do they get along with other animals?  how are they with children?).  With both Big Dog and Peggy Adams, you can foster a pet for a few days to a few months and earn community service hours.   You will also be provided with any medications, follow-up veterinary visits, food, litter, bedding, bowls, crates, collars, and leashes. Cats and dogs can provide a source of entertainment and love to a family, and housing them temporarily is a great way to feel this love and save the life of an animal without the long commitment of fully adopting.   

For graduation, students need 20 hours earned through non-profit organizations.  For the full Bright Futures scholarship, students must have 100 paid work hours OR 100  community service hours.