Coach, friend, AP: Mr. Louis makes Bronco campus fun place to be


Nicole Pacheco

Coach and AP Willow Louis is ready to grill out in his FSU attire during BSU’s Spirit Week.

Brea Campbell, Staff Writer

The daily life of an average student at Palm Beach Central High School consists of waking up, getting ready, getting to school, and then hearing a deep voice through the megaphone. And just who is that raspy voice, full of bass behind this megaphone? None other than the beloved 9th grade Assistant Principal, Mr. Willow Louis.  

Louis, a new dad, can be found on campus at 6:45 a.m. His list of duties start with supervising the ELA department and AVID, watching over transportation, monitoring school parking, but doesn’t end with just generally looking after the students. It also consists of sometimes putting out fires and trying to make an impact on our school data. Louis is one busy man. Just during this interview, two different people came in asking questions, proving how much of a role he plays on campus.

“[I wish I could] extend time, so I can have more time to work on my tasks,” said Louis, who has wanted to work on a school campus ever since he graduated from Lake Worth Community High.

His job may sound hectic, but he does a great job at making it look enjoyable. 

“He is very funny and I see him joking around with students,” commented junior Tina Tran. “I think that that’s a good environment.”

Before the school day begins, it is common for students to see Louis hanging out on the school golf cart– a place he can be seen several times a day– socializing with students in the bus loop. 

When lunch time comes around, students can often find this jovial AP in the cafeteria dancing around and making jokes into the microphone. You might often catch him passing his microphone to a student, allowing them to join in on the fun. 

Although he is a huge FSU fan, Louis attended Florida Atlantic University, majoring in Art & Humanities with a minor in elementary education. He noted that if he wasn’t an AP, he would be a firefighter.

He finally wraps up his day between 4:30 and 5:00, and then the cycle repeats itself, and after walking the campus for hours on end, Louis still believes it’s all about the students and making an impact on their lives.