Central welcomes 2023 Pathfinder nominees

S'Nia Tribble and Enjelica Sangster

“Pathfinders is one of the largest and most comprehensive high school scholarship programs in the state. It is also one of the most equitable and democratic, extending eligibility to all public and private high schools in Palm Beach and Martin counties. Each year, scholarships are awarded to 54 of the best and brightest high school seniors in the two-county area. Students do not self-apply but are selected and nominated by their schools. In a complex and rapidly changing world, a good education is the best way to ensure a life of excellence, growth, and creativity. This basic tenet applies not only to the individual but also to the community. A community-led by people with foresight and the ability to think through problems – the fruits of a good education – is one that will prosper through the best and worst of times” — The Palm Beach Post


Now presenting the Palm Beach Central Pathfinder winnners . . . .

Academic Excellence Category 

Rylie Manning


Major: “I plan on studying biology so that I can prepare myself for taking the MCAT and for the long academic journey to becoming a doctor.”

Career Path: “I want to become a physician because I love learning, helping others, and doing well in STEM-related subjects. I hope to become either an Emergency Room doctor or a plastic surgeon.”

Nomination: “It means a lot to be Central’s Academic Excellence Pathfinder Nominee because it shows that hard work pays off. It feels so rewarding to be acknowledged and regardless of the award, I am grateful for the opportunity to gain new skills from this experience.”

Inspiration: “My parents are a big inspiration for me because I learned from them the importance of being dedicated and hard-working towards achieving my goals.”

Accomplishment: “I hope my portfolio stands out because of my well-roundedness. Even though my transcript looks good, I think what sets me apart is my work outside of the classroom while maintaining those good grades.”                                                                                                                                                     

Art Category 

S’Nia Tribble

Planned University: “I’m not 100 percent sure yet but I  would like to be considered for FSU, University of Tampa or anywhere that will give me a chance to explore who I really am.” 

Major: “I plan to either study journalism, meteorology, or photography depending on which college I go to. I enjoy all these things as a hobby but I would love to become a professional photographer, journalist, or meteorologist. I’d love to see myself on the big TV either telling you the weather, my next big story, or my name in the corner of all the photos!”

Career Path: “My ultimate dream goal is to become a wedding photographer/videographer. I’ve always enjoyed seeing people smile and just enjoy life to the fullest supposedly your wedding should be your happiest day and I wanna help people remember that moment forever. Also, free cake! However, my mom said always have a plan B when you follow something you love so being a meteorologist or a journalist is there for me.”

Nomination: “I think it’s a great honor since we have a lot of talented people in this school and the Pathfinder committee chose to have me represent them in the best way with my photos.”

Inspiration: “My mom inspires me to be better. My mom didn’t have the chance to go to college so it would be an honor to be the first one in my family to go to college and become big in my career.”

Accomplishment: “I’d say my biggest accomplishment that sets me apart from the others in my category is that I’ve actually participated in wedding photography. My mom used to do photography for babies, family photos, and all that stuff so one time we actually got to go to a wedding and take photos. I’ve been taking photos since I was able to walk so I think I’ve got a pretty good chance!”

Business Category 

Collin Romano

Planned University: “Starting in late June, I plan on attending the University of Florida. This liking for the University started at a young age, considering my favorite colors are blue and orange. However, this liking soon turned to love after paying a few visits to the beautiful campus. Overall, the opportunities available there excite me beyond belief and there’s no other place I’d rather be for the next few years of my life.”

Major: “I’m a numbers guy. Always have been and always will be. This is why I’ve made the choice to study finance. Growth is the foundation of my goals, and there’s just something about seeing wealth climb that makes me happy. Helping others achieve their financial goals is one of my missions. 

Next up would be political science. Being selfless is something my family has instilled in my mind through setting amazing examples. There’s no better way to continue this than through law. I’m very interested in the ways that businesses protect and fail to protect themselves legally.”

Career Path: “I want to pursue a career in either private financial management or corporate law. I’m a super competitive person, and these careers are both super competitive. I feel like the thrill of competition is fun to me and it makes me strive to perform my job better. I also know the main goal of both of these jobs is to protect your clients from losing money, make them money, and ultimately make them happy. As long as I’m giving people what they want, I will feel fulfilled.”

Nomination: “It means a lot to me to know that there is the staff at my school who believe in me enough to win an award like this. It makes me feel grateful for who I have surrounded myself with for the past 4 years and makes me happy to know that I have support whenever I need it.”

Inspiration: “Finance nerds (like myself), lawyers, and politicians exist within my family. They all lead by example and are the main motivators behind most of what I do. Without their wisdom and guidance, I would be nowhere near where I am today. Even going back generations, my family has always been known to do the right thing and help others regardless of any other variables. I would live an unfulfilled life if I never followed in their footsteps.”

Accomplishment:  “I have grown my investments and my income by around 15% each over the past year. I believe this is physical proof that I have what it takes to lead in the business world and that I am knowledgeable on the subject of making/ creating money and assets.”

Career and Technical Education Category

Miguel Benavente

Planned University: “I have been accepted and admitted to my first choice school, Florida Atlantic University’s Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College to finish my last year of college (4th year) and earn my B.S. in Biological Sciences. I am in the FAU HCOP Program through the Biomedical Sciences Academy, which is the direct pipeline to FAU and its College of Medicine. I am concurrently applying to early assurance programs at our nation’s top medical schools to become a well-renowned physician and practice medicine in Palm Beach County, impacting our most vulnerable communities.”

Major: “I am studying to become an excellent physician in the near future. I have taken all the required courses to enter medical school and I am graduating with top honors from Palm Beach State College with 120 college credits on May 9, 2023, a week before graduating from Palm Beach Central High School. I will finish my last year of college at FAU earning my B.S. in Biological Sciences and continue on to medical school. My passion for helping others has always driven me to pursue a career in medicine.”

Career Path: “I will continue to pursue a career in medicine and Biomedical Sciences – I believe that I can make a meaningful impact in our community, whether that be leading research or practicing medicine as a physician. From a very young age, I was exposed to complex medical terminology due to taking care of my disabled grandparents and being exposed to the Biomedical Sciences Academy. Along the way, I learned hands-on medical skills like giving intramuscular injections and taking vital signs. Through these experiences, I was able to learn and apply my knowledge to other areas such as my academics in pursuit of a career in medicine.”

Nomination: “I am honored to be nominated for such a prestigious award. I believe this reinforces the idea that hard work does pay off, and that one will be compensated for going above and beyond and continuing to help others succeed along the way. I am proud to represent our school in this category and one of five students representing the State of Florida for the 2023 United States Presidential Scholar Awards in Career and Technical Education. My teachers and mentors along the way have played a vital role in my academic success, so I also thank them for allowing me to reach my highest potential.”

Inspiration: “My parents and grandparents have been my inspiration. They have always supported my dreams of being a physician and are the most hardworking people I know. They are Hispanic immigrants that fled a communist regime and came to this country with nothing but clothes on their backs. They have taught me to never give up, always be kind to others, and use my voice to defend what is right – including fighting for equality and eliminating disparities in education and healthcare.”

Accomplishment: “I am the only student from Palm Beach County that is representing the State of Florida in Career and Technical Education, competing at the national level for the 2023 U.S. Presidential Scholars Award, one of the highest honors a high school student can receive. This recognition establishes me as one of the top students in Career and Technical Education in the entire country.”

Communications Category

 Tori Labeau

Planned University: “I plan on going to UCF because I love its location and it is in the top 10% of schools in the country for my major which is accounting.”

Major: “I plan on studying accounting in college due to my aptitude and like for math.”

Career Path: “I hope to become an accountant not for a tax firm but for a business in general. I wouldn’t want to work under a tax firm due to there being more stress put on you in tax season. I’d rather work specifically for a business where I can focus on them only.”

Nomination: “I am honored to be receiving Central’s nomination for the communications Pathfinder award. It means a lot that they would consider me for this as I have always tried my best to push myself to be the greatest I could be whether that be in regards to education, family, work, sports, and so forth.”

Inspiration: “My mother inspires me to be who I am because of her natural perseverance and want to prosper and excel in her areas whether that be with family or work.”

Accomplishment: “My biggest accomplishment that will set me apart from others in my category is the fact that I have early admitted and will receive my AA around the same time I get my high school diploma.”

Community Involvement Category 

 Abigail Lofstead

Planned University: “I plan on attending the University of Florida. The University of Florida is a great academic school for a “pre-med” track, and it is in Florida! Also, UF is near Shands Children’s Hospital, which will be great for getting internships and research opportunities. I want to stay in the state of Florida, so UF is perfect for me!”

Major: “I plan on studying biology since this undergrad will best prepare me for my career. I plan on also earning a minor in business and/or leadership. These education pathways will prepare me for entering the medical field.”

Career Path: “My career aspirations are to become a pediatrician. Becoming a doctor has always been a goal of mine and I have always loved children. A pediatrician will give me the best of both worlds: working with pediatric medicine.”

Nomination: “I am incredibly grateful to represent Palm Beach Central in the Community Involvement category for the Pathfinders award. This means a lot to me because I have always been inclined to do things for others, whether it be through community service or my dedication to the activity. Doing things for others makes my heart very full. Since joining student government in my sophomore year, I have felt motivated to do more for the school. SGA has given me many opportunities to help our community by being the community service committee head, leadership conferences, and class involvement projects.”

Inspiration: “My mom has always been my inspiration. She never fails to put her children first. My mom is where I have learned how children should be nurtured and treated, which I believe is a large factor in me wanting to enter into pediatric medicine.  Her dedication to our family has been the backbone of my personal growth. My mom pushes me to be the greatest I can be. She always motivates me to reach the next level, whether with my academics, sports, extracurriculars, or just my personal self and well-being. She has always taught me the work hard, play hard mindset. I know that if I put in the work, I will be rewarded in the end. Her never ending reassurance and support have prepared me for the future. My mom has prepared me to spread my wings and enter the next path of my life.”

Accomplishment: “My biggest accomplishment that will set me apart from others in my category is my involvement in our community here on campus. I am proud to say I have been a student leader on campus all four years of my high school experience. One of my most important accomplishments is creating the Women in STEM club at our school. Through my involvement in the PLTW engineering program as one of 8 girls in the class, I have realized how few girls feel motivated to enter the STEM field. I have created a club from nothing to now having over 60 members through this organization. I am proud to say I have created a small community on campus. I love that we are all girls with the same life goals. This makes the group so welcoming and loving.”

Computer Engineering/Technology Category

Haley Randolph

Planned University: “I hope to attend Florida State University or the University of Florida to further my education. I love both of these colleges because of the importance of involvement, opportunity, and culture that the campuses hold for their students. I feel confident knowing I will be able to flourish and reach my full potential at both of these colleges.”

Major: “I plan on studying Biomedical engineering through my undergraduate years. I have always wanted to learn more about the development of new devices that are being used in our hospitals and doctors’ offices.”

Career Path: “I hope to work in the medical device industry. Whether it be with manufacturing or testing futuristic machinery. I have always been very interested in this field because of my love for science and math. I know I can create a successful career path in engineering because it is never-ending; as things drop out of the public eye and go away, engineering will flourish. I am determined to solve the unsolved and change the lives of others.”

Nomination: “I am super happy to be chosen to be a nominee for Pathfinders by our staff at Palm Beach Central! I am grateful that I was able to represent the engineering category as a female and hope for the best.”

Inspiration: “I am inspired by many people in my life including my teachers and family. If I had to choose one person I would choose my mom. My mom has taught me that hard work pays off, and to never stop chasing your dreams no matter how hard it might seem in the moment.”

Accomplishment: “I believe that my biggest accomplishment that will set me apart from others competing for my category is my drive to be a leader. I share lots about my involvement here at Palm Beach Central and in my community throughout my application.”

History/Political Science Category

David Linares

Planned University: “I plan to go to Florida Atlantic University because I am interested in its honors program, and internships, and it helps that the campus is close to home. This would be more convenient since I could continue volunteering in my community, and church, and connect with my family. While the internships offer me a chance to see how government and political campaigns function and are structured.”

Major: “I plan on studying political science in college because I love looking at the histories of civilizations and by learning how they rise and fall we can apply that information today in order to avoid their mistakes or replicate their success. Learning about the different theories of how government should be run and how policies operating on those ideas affected the economy, culture, and success of the society. The cases that philosophers like Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, and others made for the defense of their theories interest me. I also would like to change the way we teach the past. I would like to write about the patterns of history that can be seen. Too often the era that we live in, our upbringings, and other experiences can shape the way that we teach and think about history. For instance, the 1950s in America has been seen as an age of prosperity unparalleled to any time and to any people. But look closer and you will see two recessions, a fear of total atomic annihilation, a very materialistic culture, and political unrest from both the political left and right. The Middle Ages are also known as the Dark Ages when superstition, ignorance, and filth ruled Europe from the fall of Rome until the Renaissance. But many achievements in astronomy, art, mathematics, music, and the sciences were made, and can be seen in figures such as St. Thomas Aquinas.”

Career Path: “For my career, I plan on writing books on history, politics, philosophy, and on our society.  I want people to have a better understanding of everything that took place for them to be here. Later on, I could serve the public in other ways depending on where I am needed. But so far, all I have planned immediately following high school is going to FAU and earning a bachelors in political science.”

Nomination: “I am somewhat surprised to be nominated because I am not the one with the highest scores on the History AICE exams. But I feel honored to represent my class and my school in history and political science. I hope that my nomination only increases the reputation of Central.”

Inspiration: “The most important person who inspires me is Jesus. The reason I desire to be more virtuous is that I believe I am accountable to God and I ought to carry out his instruction. This is done not for my self-improvement, but out of gratitude. My mother and father came to this country and were ill-equipped to have a family but despite that my mother raised us while studying and working. She now has a master’s in Nursing. My father, though in his forties, went back to school and earned a bachelor’s in nursing. Both of their stories compel me to do hard work especially when I don’t feel like it. Other people I am inspired by are leaders like Napoleon, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt. They inspire me because they each overcame tragedies and endured hardships in the pursuit of their visions. Washington led the creation of the United States of America and Roosevelt enforced the Monroe doctrine and punished corporations for wrongdoings. But even if their visions failed, like Napoleon’s war against Britain, each man left a permanent mark on history. I am repeatedly inspired to be a role model to others, enforcing virtue in my own life and showing boldness.”

Accomplishment: “My biggest accomplishment is changing for the better over time. When I entered high school, all I really cared about was playing video games and watching videos on the internet. I had no idea what I wanted to do after graduating. I had no ambition, so much so that I wouldn’t even give my best effort at debate tournaments. I hated exercise and had a lazy attitude overall. But as time went on I took on challenges by taking harder courses, exercising regularly, working harder in speech and debate, and volunteering at church. These strategies really started to show results during my Junior year when I was taking six AICE classes which included US history,  math, Spanish, chemistry, and other courses. I was volunteering every Sunday from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm and I had started competing in the Lincoln-Douglas debate. The best part was that because I had made it through all these difficulties I was able to give advice and help my friends with challenges they were currently going through, whether it was their mental health, fitness, academic career, or spiritual life. Now, as a Senior I am sure of what path I want to take after graduation. I will study political science and apply the knowledge and skills gained to help improve society.”


Literature Category

Enjelica Sangster

Planned University: “I plan on going to either Howard University or the University of Florida because both universities have one of the top pharmaceutical and biology programs in the country. By attending some of the best schools in the country, I will have the ability to achieve great things.”

Major: “I plan to study pharmaceutical science, biochemistry, and journalism as well obtain a doctorate in both pharmaceutical science and biochemistry. This is because it has always been my biggest dream to help people. By studying these majors in specific, I will be able to accomplish one of my dreams in life. Studying journalism will give me the necessary tools to write and publish in medical journals based on my research in pharmaceuticals. By studying pharmaceutical science and biochemistry I will be able to hone in on my passions and develop those passions into something that will hopefully change the world.”

Career Path: “The career path I want to follow is to become a head pharmaceutical scientist at a pharmaceutical company as well as to write and publish in medical journals because I wanted to take my passions and use them on a larger scale. I have chosen this career path not only because of my love for science, writing, and writing but also for helping others. I take much joy in knowing that I helped someone’s day go a little better based on something I did and a pharmaceutical scientist can do just that. By becoming a scientist in the pharmacy, I will have the ability to help people in ways I never thought I would be able to do: Save their lives. I realized that one of the most heartbreaking experiences is discovering there isn’t a cure or fix for certain ailments. From that day forward I would never want someone else to experience the feeling of loss from a disease or sickness that has been categorized as “incurable”. This is the sole reason I want to step into the pharmacy field and push the medical world beyond its limits; to feet never considered before in order to accomplish the unimaginable.

Nomination: “It means the world to me that I am nominated for the Pathfinder award. To know that my achievements and all I have strived for is enough to even be looked at, makes me feel like everything that I have worked towards and for has all been worth something. It is a great honor to represent Central in the literature category and I am glad that my achievements will be used to represent the whole of Palm Beach Central High School.”

Inspiration: “Both my younger siblings and my Grandma inspire me to be who I am. My siblings inspire me to be the greatest I can be and show them how they can achieve their goals and become successful no matter what they look like or who they are. My Grandma had always pushed me to be the best version of myself and every day. She is one of the main reasons why I stepped into literature and writing, to begin with. She had pushed me to write a story worth something and that is what I did every time I picked up a pencil. I strive to make her proud each and every single day I wake up so that I know she is proud and smiling at me from up above.”

Accomplishment: “One of my biggest accomplishments that I believe will set me apart from others in my category is the amount of writing experience I have. Not only am I considered a published author but I am also the Editor- In- Chief of the school newspaper and editor for the literary magazine. I have contributed all my dedication to the school newspaper and the literary magazine throughout my high school career. Not only do I enjoy the writing aspect but also the community aspect as well. Forming connections with my peers around me is something I consider to be extremely special and something I will value forever.”

Mathematics Category

 Mikel Chin

Planned University: “I am planning on enrolling in the University of Florida because they offer the best engineering programs in Florida and compared to many other universities out of state. Additionally, it will be an honor to enroll in UF as a Palm Beach Central Bronco. I will use it to strive and focus on being very successful on the road I choose to cross.”

Major: “I’m going to be studying organic chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, mechanical, thermodynamics, and nuclear physics. This is because they all have a similar concept of mathematics where formulas and rules are applied to certain situations. I also find it fun to observe the process and action happening.”

Career Path: “I want to follow Chemical Engineering or Nuclear Engineering because they both require a high level of knowledge in chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Additionally, not only do these careers make a healthy amount of money, but nuclear engineering can help prevent nuclear disasters from becoming a reality. For Chemical engineering, I love the idea of treating diseases and innovating recycling to prevent fatalities and cleanse the earth.”

Nomination: “I represent a Mathematical-calculator figure. It shows not only how skillful I am, but passionate about the topic. I honor the topic as a whole conveying how important and majoring it is to me.”

Inspiration: “My mom, dad, sister, and my very close friends. All of them have motivated me to work hard in school and strive for success. They have impacted and very much influenced who I am today. My mindset and shape of me have changed every day for the benefit of learning experience and observing perspective.”

Accomplishment: “I love mathematics more than anything. I can calculate and do problems for hours and will not get tired for a very long time. Additionally, I have fun teaching and helping other students who are struggling with math. The subject itself is used every and is important in real-world concepts whether it includes finances, finding the exact value to save money, and saving time in general.”

Music/Instrumental Category

Luna Prado

Planned University: “I plan to go to UF or UCF, (I already received an offer from UCF), I’m considering these universities because they’re some of the top universities in Florida and I just want a well-rounded education for when I start my career, beyond entry-level jobs it won’t really make a big difference, but the environment of artistry and community in both schools attracts me.”

Major: “I plan on studying data science. I enjoy the interpretation of data and trying to find meanings behind numbers, and I enjoy the idea of being able to go into any field because data scientists are needed in business, scientific investigations, politics, etc. I’ve always wanted to learn programming and use coding in a profitable job, so this gives me an opportunity to see if this path is something I’m interested in.”

Career Path: “I hope to get into data science in politics because I’ve always been interested in politics and want to be a part of organizations and maybe even the government to better this country by producing valuable analysis and information.”

Nomination: “It means that I happen to be one of the better performing instrumental music seniors at Palm Beach Central, due to my practice and discipline. I don’t really consider this significant because all I care about on trombone is improving and self-expression, nothing else.”

Inspiration: “What inspires me to be who I am is always searching for that better version of myself, maybe I’m already that better version of myself, maybe I’m far away from that version, or maybe I’m desperately close, that’s what invigorates me to push further and to pursue my goals harder.”

Accomplishment: “My biggest accomplishment is the leadership skills I show in my category as band lieutenant and section leader in the bronco marching band, the musical excellence I strive to achieve in my playing, and the perseverance and change I’ve been open to improve and become a better person against all odds.”


Music/Vocal Category

Grace Cavin

Planned University: “I plan on going to the University of Central Florida. I would like to go here because they are in an area where there are endless opportunities for jobs and internships. My dream job is to someday be an Imagineer for Disney, being in Orlando and so close to Disney world can maximize my chances at getting a job in the industry.”

Major: “In college, I plan on eventually either double majoring or majoring and minoring in engineering and music. I have many different interests and I am not positive I know which one I would like to do for a professional career yet. I love both music and engineering though so I hope to find a way to do both for a future career.”

Career Path: “When it comes to my career path, I have many different interests and talents that reflect which path I would like to take. I don’t have a set path that I have chosen because I don’t want to do just one thing for the rest of my life. I want to find ways to enjoy the many activities and hobbies I have in life and by staying on a set path, I feel I will not get to enjoy myself as much and I will not get to enjoy doing the things I like to do.”

Nomination: “For me, being the pathfinder nomination feels like I am finally being recognized for the hard work that I have put into music. A lot of people are unaware of my music career and don’t know the years of work and training I have put in to become the musician I am today. I have spent years perfecting my vocal technique and learning how to read, write, and understand all of the concepts of music. I spend countless hours a day thinking about how I can become better and what I need to do to expand my knowledge in my art and I plan on continuing to get better as I move on from high school to bigger and better things.”

Inspiration: “The music teachers I have had throughout my life have inspired me to have the love for music I currently have. I have been pushed to my absolute maximum by these people and they have taught me that it takes a lot more than just luck to be good in the music world. You have to have a drive and a passion to get better and the work you put into music reflects on how good of a musician you are.”

Accomplishment: “My leadership is what sets me apart from the other people in my category. I have been a leader in the music world since I was in Elementary school. I have always pushed to be the best person in the room for whatever I am doing so I can be the person that other people are looking up to. I want to be an inspiration for others by showing that it takes hard work and dedication to be good at what you are doing. I have put in the work to be good and I want the people that look up to me to see the hard work that was put in. I have been a leader in every single activity I have done. Whether it has been in chorus, color guard, band, or dance, I am constantly pushing myself to be better and I believe my drive, determination, and leadership are what sets me apart from every other person in my category.”


Science Category

Zyan McArthur

Planned University: “I plan to attend college at Florida Atlantic University. Since I finished all my high school classes I wanted to occupy my time with something productive and I started interning at Congresswoman Frederica Wilson’s office. Therefore studying somewhere locally will allow me to continue my endeavors as an intern. Eventually expanding my territory at Florida Atlantic University as well because they offer a Florida Legislative Internship in Tallahassee, having already been acclimated to interning and doing so in the career field I plan to partake in the future makes Florida Atlantic University the best choice for me.”

Major: “Making changes and seeing a difference is one of my biggest goals. Combining that with something I’m passionate about is momentous. Therefore I plan to study political science at Florida Atlantic University. This field of study will allow me to truly be immersed in politics on top of already having experience as an intern with a Congressperson. I will not be naïve about what’s to come as an environmental lawyer. Reforming the system so it may be better for the people and the planet.”

Career Path: “Environmental law is the best of both worlds, it involves the environment whilst still having the credentials to change and make laws. Something that truly inspired this career path was attending Envision’s STEM camp, where I learned about all aspects of science and developed my passion and adoration for the environment. So resilient yet delicate, something so crucial yet doesn’t have a voice. Consequently, someone with a voice such as myself must speak out. The only way change will arise is by being a part of it. Therefore, my desired career path is to be an environmental lawyer.”

Nomination: “Representing the entire school is such an honor, representing the school about something I’m passionate about is transcending. Absolutely beyond words, especially at my tender age I often feel ostracized because no one else looks like me in the room. Since science is generally such a male-dominated industry, for an African American young woman to have an opportunity such as this is groundbreaking. Not just for me but for my fellow classmates at Palm Beach Central, I can’t wait to see and inspire others at my school that our skin complexion doesn’t matter or the texture of our hair does, but instead how educated we are and how we implement that in our lives.”

Inspiration: “Although we may have many differences I believe our commonalities are what makes her my role model. Classy yet outspoken, Meghan Markle knows what she wants just like me. We both have a passion for women’s rights. Hers being in equity and mine in STEM. She broke so many stigmas about women domestically and educationally this inspires me to do so but with my religion: Christianity. A huge preconceived notion in science is that you can’t be religious as well. I plan to convey to others that it’s okay to be in a certain field whilst also keeping God first place because without him I would be nothing.”

Accomplishment: “My biggest accomplishment is having attended Envision’s STEM Camp. During my time there, I was able to learn so much from astronomy to forensics. Essentially becoming a jack of all trades will set me apart because I’m not just immersed in science but all subjects of STEM.”


Sports Category

 Cole Overbey

Planned University: “I plan to enroll at Palm Beach State College to get my associate’s degree while staying at home to save up some money. After I receive my degree, I plan to transfer to life university in Marietta, Georgia to pursue a career in chiropractic therapy. Life University is a great college and is one of the best chiropractic-based colleges in the US which caught my eye immediately when I decided I wanted to pursue chiropractic therapy as a career.”

Major: “I plan on going to college to study chiropractic therapy. I have always loved the medical profession, but never really seemed to find one that I really liked until I heard about chiropractic therapy with both of my parents doing physical therapy; they really think it’s a strong career path for me. I myself find it very interesting dealing with the human body and anatomy and that slight adjustments can make somebody’s life more comfortable and carefree.”

Career Path: “I would like to study until my master’s degree and eventually a doctoral degree to then open my own chiropractic clinic in my hometown of Palm Beach Florida or wherever I end up, living in the future. I love being able to help people and making people’s lives easier so being a chiropractor, not only makes my clients happy but me as well, not to mention the benefits of being a medical professional.”

Nomination: “I feel very honored to have received this nomination as our school has a lot of prestigious athletes that are very active in their communities, as well as in our school. For me to be nominated, I feel that it is my duty to represent our school to the best of my ability and myself for my athletic ability, as well as my academic achievement. I also feel that they have made an excellent choice for me to represent our school because of my passion for athletics and character as an individual.”

Inspiration: “My stepfather, Eric Monahan. He really inspires me to be who I am as he had a rough life growing up, and he did not let them stop him from being successful in life, it made him a very strong individual mentally, through his college education, and work ethic, as well as the ability to think critically in tough situations. As well as physically finding passion in mixed martial arts like jujitsu and boxing at a younger age. He has taught me how to be successful both in sports and in life. How to be humble and rigorous, how to handle pressure, and how to analyze a path to success. For the last 14 years of my life, he has built a small innocent child into a successful student and athlete who holds a bright future! Without him, I truly do not believe I would be the person I am today without his guidance and love.”

Accomplishment: “My biggest accomplishment, so far is from winning the Max Desir 4th annual tournament at Suncoast high school with the wrestling team this year as me and my fellow captain, Sebastian Williams lead our entire team to placing at least top four individually, and first place as a team taking home a trophy for Palm Beach Central. When I’m not wrestling for Central, I’m competing and training in Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Elite Jiu-Jitsu in Wellington, Monday through Saturday, teaching Jiu-Jitsu lessons, as well as wrestling, boxing and Muay Thai. My schedule is always full of different athletic events so I’m never bored of one thing or the other. I have a deep passion for martial arts and I believe that they can help you not only develop a sense of safety but also a sense of how life can break you down…it is your job to get up and keep moving forward not to let it.”

Theater Arts Category 

 Julia Namia

Planned University: “I hope to attend the University of Florida for a multitude of reasons, one of them being that it is recognized as one of America’s top universities and is ranked fifth nationally among all US public universities, and number one in Florida. I have been to UF multiple times to visit my brother who is a sophomore there, and I absolutely adore the campus and location in general. Not only is UF a leader in academic excellence, it is also full of so many opportunities to meet new people and have a great college experience. I admire the school spirit that students at UF brightly show, and I am confident that UF will lead me down a successful path in my education towards my life goals.”

Major: “I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. When I was a child, I would constantly let my imagination run wild by writing stories. This love for writing has been ingrained in me deeply, truly shaping me into the person I am today. My choice of journalism as my major combines my love for storytelling and writing with my longing to make a difference in the world. I hope to explore the College of Communications at UF, learn more about journalism, advertising, and media production, and ultimately find the perfect fit for me. I firmly believe that journalism is incredibly essential to the world, especially in our present society where light can be brought to many issues. I have always been someone who is eager to engage in conversation with new people and acquire the eye-opening viewpoints of others. I would like to help make a difference in our society by sharing these valuable insights while helping others gain new perspectives of the world around them.”

Career Path: “It is vital that citizens are well informed about relative issues, both locally and globally, in a truthful, unbiased manner. For this reason, I am drawn to journalism, and how through being a part of this exciting career path, I can leave my mark on the world by providing endless valuable information through various media such as interviews, broadcasts, or daily news. I am enticed by the idea of writing stories that create a lasting impact on the world around me. Experiences that I have had in high school have only furthered my interest in this. I have been an integral part of Central’s News Team, building up my skills in scriptwriting, recording, and anchoring. Additionally, learning the technical aspects of school productions in theatre has also solidified my desire for my chosen career path. These experiences have continued to be the highlights of my high school experience, as I am constantly eager to learn more. I look forward to discovering what career path in Communications sparks my interest the most, and I am excited to delve into journalism as my first area of study.”

Nomination: “I am incredibly honored to be proudly representing Central with the nomination for the Theatre Arts Pathfinder award. This nomination means so much to me, and it is humbling to receive recognition for all of the time and effort I have put into theatre throughout all four years of high school. I am immensely grateful for the supporters I have had throughout my experience in theatre, and the mentors who have endlessly believed in me and helped guide me to the place I am today.”

Inspiration: “The idea of growth inspires me the most to be who I am. I have always set my goals with high expectations and am motivated to excel at everything that I do, as I enjoy the rewarding feeling that comes with doing so. Creating new experiences by putting yourself out there and giving your best efforts instills a sense of accomplishment that is unlike any other feeling. By evolving the person I have already become and working towards my future goals, I am filled with a zest for life and look forward to giving everything my all.”

Accomplishment: “Through endless time and effort put into the theater during the entirety of my high school career, I have received numerous achievements: I was given a perfect score on my solo performance at the District X Competition this year, I was nominated as an Outstanding Student Ambassador at the Kravis Center Dream Awards for my performance as Annie in the musical Annie, and I have been cast as various leadership roles such as Inspector Carter in The Play That Goes Wrong and Sandy Cheeks in SpongeBob SquarePants the Musical. While still pushing myself to be the best thespian I can be, I have also continued to achieve academic excellence while doing so, maintaining my 5.0 HPA and ranking as a top twenty student in our senior class. I am involved in many organizations at our school, as I have been inducted into the National Honor Society, National English Honor Society, International Thespian Honor Society, and Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society. I am currently the President of the International Thespian Honor Society and Drama Club and the Treasurer of Key Club, and I make it a point to take on leadership roles as much as I can.”


World Language Category 

 Deborah Volosin

Planned University: “I plan on attending either the University of Florida or Vanderbilt. Both of these universities are great academically, and I would love to go to either of them.”

Major: “I plan on studying Political Science and International Relations, with a minor in Spanish. I am very interested in the government, and hopefully with a minor in Spanish, I can extend my interest worldwide.”

Career Path: I am going to be on a pre-law track, but depending on what I end up liking in college, I want to either work in politics or continue to law school for patent law or defense law.

Nomination: “I find this award very special because my bilingualism is something I take deep pride in and am extremely thankful to have. I am excited to have been nominated for this award, especially in a category so near to my heart.”

Inspiration: “My parents inspire me to be who I am. I watched them build me a life from nothing and prove the American dream can come true if one takes risks and pushes to be the best version of themselves.”

Accomplishment: “The biggest accomplishment that will set me apart from others in my category is that I am not only able to speak English and Spanish fluently, but I can also read and understand Hebrew. Having these three languages in my resume is extremely beneficial and will only help me in the long term.”

Forensics/Speech Category 

Amanda Ayoub

Did not respond to our survey.