Cheap dates for cheapskates


S'Nia Tribble

Bucky and his date enjoy at lovely cheap date at the park.

Paris Purcell, Staff Writer

Many teenagers struggle with keeping their partner happy because they don’t take them out or spend as much time doing things. That may be due to many different  situations but most of the time teenagers are on a low budget. 

Are you having second thoughts about spending your last paycheck on your significant other just to go out to a luxury restaurant? Well don’t worry, here are four inexpensive dates you can take your  partner to on a budget! 

One great inexpensive date you can take your boo thang on would be to the park. As a teenager trying to balance money and your significant other’s happiness things get hard. If you’d like to just show your loved one how much you appreciate them on an inexpensive budget, you could watch the stars come up at the park late at night. Not only is this costless but you can have an amazing conversation just looking at each other at night.

“I always loved taking my boyfriend out to the park, so we could watch the moon rise while staring at his beautiful hazel eyes,” explained sophomore Alyssa Torres. 

Another alternative to an expensive date can be going out for ice cream. There’s nothing better than spending quality time with someone you love while indulging in your favorite dessert! A scoop of sweet, creamy cookie dough can make any situation better. This simple date can allow you to hang out while eating something that you and your partner can both enjoy. This date won’t cost you much and you’ll both be sure to have a good time. You can converse with your partner the same way you would in a fancy restaurant, but with a cheaper price. Whenever you want to have something to cool you down you can just take a ride to the ice cream shop only spending a minimum of $15 . According to The Only Guide to Ice Cream Date You’ll Ever Need, an ice cream date is one of the best dates possible for such a low price. 

But if you’re lactose intolerant, a romantic and cheap date is watching the sunset at Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge. Check out the Sunset Times and plan a picnic dinner around it. It’s a great chance to take a quiet break from the hustle and bustle of Wellington. The refuge is a 400-acre cypress swamp where you could view alligators, turtles, otters, owls, and eagles in their natural habitat – “the largest intact cypress habitat remaining in the eastern Everglades” for a small fee of $10.  

Love the outdoors but not too keen on the alligators? Then how about a McDonalds picnic at the beach?  Depending on what you get  you can usually end up spending a minimum of $15  for two full meals for your sweetheart. This picnic may be short and simple but the little things count. Grab a nice big towel from home and prepare to cop a squat at Singer Island Beach and Phipps Ocean Park where parking is free. What’s better than spending time with the person you love and the fresh open air of a nice sandy beach?

The possibilities are limitless as to where you could be able to go on a budget with your lucky person. As a teenager, you are choosing to spend your money on things but why not spend it wisely and carefully. Not only will you be spending your money wisely but you will be able to spend time with your significant other at the time but ……. on a budget.