Central clubs strive for inclusivity, multiculturalism, open discussion

Sydney Chin, Editor-in-chief

Black Student Union

Promoting black culture on campus, the Black Student Union aims to make black students more comfortable and accepted at the school. Open to anyone interested in joining, co-presidents Jadin Holmberg and Guciani Toussaint have stressed the importance of creating a safe space at PBC.

Students attend a BSU meeting to hear about the club’s mission and plan future activities. Photo by Christian Holt

“This club is important because I feel like the black community needs to be heard more,” said senior Holmberg. “I feel that it’s beneficial for students to join so they can have a comfortable space to share their opinions and build a family of teachers and students around the history of our ancestors.”

Black Student Union meets every other Wednesday in room 6-215. Due to the nature of their conversations, the topics of the discussions are not disclosed outside of the meeting and its members.

“I feel honored to be the official co-president of BSU,” explained senior Toussaint. “It is a blessing to be able to guide students around my age into the right direction and share my story to motivate others.”

For this year, the club hopes to raise money to get senior graduation cords and establish a family for new and returning students. They also hope to host several events around campus, but for now they are keeping their plans under wraps.

If interested in joining, the Google Classroom code is “vjzq7a5.”


Anime Club

If you love anime, manga, and Japanese culture, consider joining the anime club. Meeting every other Thursday in room 5-102 or online through their Google Classroom, the anime club is the place for students to meet other anime enthusiasts and watch their favorite anime episodes. Every week, members are able to vote in a poll to decide which anime they will watch that week. Some of the animes to choose from include Attack on Titan, Assassination Classroom, My Hero Academia, Death Note, Haikyuu, and many more. 

“The goal of the club is to make new friends that have the same interests,” said senior Alex Lopez, president of the anime club. “We chill out and talk about the anime we watch. We get along with each other.”

In addition to hanging out, the club also helps to sell “Broncos Stomp Out Cancer” shirts with club sponsor Ms. Meiners. The proceeds go to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

Those interested in joining can use the Google Classroom code “CANCRBC.”


History Club

President Daniel Trigo welcomes members and opens a discussion during a recent History Club meeting. Photo by Christian Holt

Maybe discussing topics like Chinese, African, and European history is more your thing. If so, be sure to check out the history club every other Wednesday in Portable 11.

New to Central this year, club president Daniel Trigo was inspired to start the club after he noticed that there wasn’t a history focused-club at the school. With the help of club sponsor Mr. Salemme and encouragement from AICE U.S History teacher Ms. Elysee, Trigo has been able to create a safe and academic space for students to further their understanding of the past.

“This club is important to the school because it will be a chance for students to have an organized place to discuss history with other people interested in it,” said senior Trigo. “Understanding history is necessary to help dispel a lot of discrimination since we can all develop a richer appreciation of cultures around the world.”

In upcoming meetings, members will be able to vote on conversation topics. With the relatively small size of the club, Trigo hopes to keep his club discussion-based.

To join, check out the Google Classroom at “d7fqpch.”