Bronco Beat graduates say farewell to beloved newspaper

Riley Szachor, Layout Editor

Congratulations to the senior staff of Palm Beach Central’s newspaper, The Bronco Beat. Your incredible contributions to our award-winning newspaper will never be forgotten.

“Great journalism will always attract readers. The words, pictures and graphics that are the stuff of journalism have to be brilliantly packaged; they must feed the mind and move the heart.” – Rupert Murdoch

The Co-Editors in Chief
Daniela Botero
University of Central Florida
Major: Business with a minor in Theme Park Management
My favorite high school memory was definitely all of the homecoming weeks. Yearly, I have loved dressing up in wacky costumes that make the other students laugh. I also adored making decorations and staying up for ungodly hours just to make the hallways look good. AND ALSO HOW WE NEVER HAD AIR CONDITIONING IN OUR HALL!!!
P.S. I hope to work in the business side of theme parks like Disney or Universal!




Brielle Young
University of Central Florida
Major: Business and Journalism
My favorite high school memory is hanging out with my friends at lunch or before school in the mornings. We would always catch up on things with each other or share things about our day.






Managing Editor
Sarah Sondermann
My favorite high school memory was all the volunteer work we did through Unicef. Unicef was such a fun club to be in and the officer meetings were always eventful!
Next year I will be attending UCF! I will be majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology. The plan is to go onto medical school and become an infectious disease specialist! However, I have a passion for psychology and might end up in the psych field instead!




Sports Editors
Isabella Thomas
Florida State University
Major: Biochemistry with a minor in Chemical Engineering then on to medical school to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. My favorite memory in high school is most definitely my first Dance Marathon. It happened to fall on my 16th birthday and I was skeptical about spending the day at school. However, I decided to go and had the absolute best day full of laughter, tears, dancing, and a birthday serenade from the whole school. To top it all off, we raised $91,141.57! P.S. I’m a first generation college student, so I’m proud to start a new tradition in my family.




Max Cedeno
Florida State University
Major: Biology








Entertainment Editor
Vanessa Berrios
Rollins College
Major: Communication Studies
My favorite high school memory was having lunch with my friends. Every day I got to spend 45 minutes eating, joking, and just hanging out with my friends. I never really realized how special and precious those moments were until I no longer had them. So I would definitely say that lunch is my favorite high school memory because it brings me the most joy when I think about school-related memories.
Photography Editor
Nathan Fournier
University of Central Florida
Major: Mechanical Engineering
My favorite high school memory was being at the Fort Lauderdale airport with the entire schoolband on our way to a music festival in Indianapolis when the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic.






Alison Rivero

University of Central Florida






Layout Editor
Riley Szachor
University of Central Florida
My most memorable high school experience was probably playing lacrosse considering it took up a majority of my time here, despite not playing this season, I did and still do love the sport itself, and it kinda raised me for three years.
P.S. As soon as we graduate, Christy and I are going to Greenland to pursue our careers in ice-fishing!




Social Media Coordinator
Christy Stone
Valencia Community College, then on to a university
Major: Communications or Psychology
Out of all four years, I would have to say my favorite high school memory is when I fell going up the stairs on the bus my sophomore year. This memory is my favorite because not only did I fall while the bus was full, completely embarrassing myself in front of everyone, but the bus driver laughed so hard at me that he snorted. I stopped taking the bus after that but it was really funny. By far my favorite and most traumatizing high school memory.


Staff Writer
Isabelle Ramos
My favorite high school memory was going to every pep rally with my best friends. We always
have so much fun by getting involved in all the activities. Getting dressed in the spirit, and putting on face makeup. Another one of my favorite memories is going to the homecoming dances and enjoying myself and my friends company.


Staff Writer                                                                                                                                         

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