Spring art exhibition dazzles students, parents alike

Daniela Botero, Co-Editor in Chief

Art exhibits are most enjoyed in museums as one can walk around and really take in the message behind someone’s work of art. However, these student artists are truly dazzling viewers through a different medium due to this drastic change in unprecedented times.

Illustration by Kendall Hitchcock

The 2021 Spring Art Dazzle Virtual Exhibit, which premiered on April 29, showcases the art pieces of many talented students around Palm Beach County. Hosted by the Palm Beach School District, 66 schools ranging from elementary to high schools have chosen a select few students to display their most gorgeous and inquisitive pieces. 

Palm Beach Central contributed 12 works of art to appear as part of this virtual show.  These works represent a variety of mediums such as photography, drawings by pencil, and even digital art. With a mixture of themes and genres, whether it be nature, fantasy, or a mix, there truly is

Illustration by Audrey Kennedy

something for everyone.

To access this exhibit, a link has been posted on the Palm Beach Central website as well as on the District’s website. From there, one can click on the link and be sent to a Google Doc with a flyer of the event. The viewer will be sent to a welcome frame where a welcome video message from the Arts Education Curriculum Administration will be displayed. After the video, a little “proceed to gallery” photo can be clicked on where it will then take you to a list of all of the schools participating in this year’s event. 

Each school has a slide that looks like a museum with little frames displaying the art of the students. To view a specific work of art, one can click on the frame and it will export them to a different slide showing the title, the artist, and the student’s grade. This makes the art exhibit feel a little more real and adds a personal touch, even though it is all online. 

Illustration by Sophie Beltran

Mr. Patureau, one of Central’s art teachers, recognized that the course faced some interesting and unique challenges this year.  

“I am proud and honored of their accomplishments, especially knowing that so many of them lacked the access to the classroom materials they needed to create their work,” Patureau noted in an email sent out. 

This art exhibition ran through June 1, but may still be viewed through the District’s website. seen after its expiration.

Illustration by Yasmin Dominguez

Art may be subjective to the viewer, but anyone can view these phenomenal pieces and stand in awe at the large quantity of talent that is seen here at Palm Beach Central.

To view these masterpieces, please follow the link below:

Student Art Shines – The School District of Palm Beach County (palmbeachschools.org)