Stunning sophomore steals the show at States

Isabella Thomas, Sports Editor

This Central track team member leaps over every hurdle to come out victorious in all ways.


Sophomore Adina Jackson has been focusing her time and energy to track throughout her life. Jackson’s passion for fitness and sports led her to earn a hefty list of titles and awards so early in her career. 


Her career as a competitive track runner began during sixth grade. Since then, she has grown as a runner. Jackson got involved in sports because of her parents; they always encouraged Jackson to do a variety of different sports and activities growing up, and track grabbed her attention. 


She runs track year long with her travel team and Coach Walker. She also runs Varsity track at Central as a sprinter. She competes in the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, long jump, and triple jump. With the guidance of Coach Etches and Coach Robinson during the school season, Jackson’s talents have flourished. 


Her dedication earned herself the coveted ESPN Palm Beach Player of the Week award as a sophomore. This award is presented to athletes who show a genuine gift in their sport, and not many athletes can say they earned one, too.


Beyond this local award, Jackson flaunts being a 10x All American sprinter. It takes great talent to be nationally recognized at such an early time. Also, she is number one in the district and number 3 in the region for long jumping. Most impressively, she has been to the Junior Olympics the past four years.


This year, she had the incredible opportunity to compete at the FHSAA State Championships in Jacksonville, Florida. At States, Jackson competed in long jump, triple jump, and the 4×1 relay. She placed third in long jump and sixth in triple jump. 


She is grateful for her hard work paying off. 


“Getting to compete at States and medal in my events this year was a dream come true,” expressed Jackson. “Being a sophomore, it really inspired me to do better in my following years.”


In addition to being a sprinter, Jackson can be spotted as a Central Bronco for the Cheerleading Team. She is on the Varsity team for sideline cheer- the ladies that cheer on our Bronco Football team on Friday nights. Additionally, she made the competitive cheer team at school, and competes at local and state competitions with her fellow Broncos. 


With such a heavy involvement in sports, Adina admits to facing some struggles; yet, she sees the light in her obstacles. 


“I’ve faced many challenges in sports from injuries to time management,” revealed Jackson. “Sometimes it’s a lot to juggle and there’s a lot of sacrifices being made, but overall it’s made me a stronger and more independent person.”


She has found ways to balance her time and relax. In her free time, she loves to spend time out with her friends and travel.


Not only is Jackson heavily involved in sports, she has a fervent passion for her future. Currently, she is involved in AVID, a program that helps students to perform at their highest potential to get ready for college and universities. 


The program is run by several teachers and Ms. Besman has the pleasure of working with Adina. She finds her to be very caring and bright. Jackson notes that Ms. Besman has been her favorite teacher at Central. 


“She’s very supportive and always willing to help me,” stated Jackson. “She will always give me advice, as well as I always have a fun time in her class.” 


Right now, Adina’s favorite class is science because she enjoys participating in labs and experiments. She works very hard in school, and has big goals beyond high school. 


Her dream schools include Louisiana State University, Florida State University, and Texas A&M University. Wherever she ends up, she is confident to pursue pre-law; Her dream career is to be a lawyer.


We wish our sophomore and all her teams safe and successful seasons to come. Keep up the good work and continue to show your Central PRIDE as you represent on the field and on the track.