UFO sightings draw public, government attention


Illustration by Alison Rivero

With the release of government documents concerning UFOs, can we finally answer the question “Are we alone?”

Brielle Young, Co-Editor in Chief

A new alien phenomenon is spreading across the world. With mysterious monoliths popping up around the world and a potential declassification of federal UFO documents gripping Americans, many are wondering what the big deal is about the extraterrestrials.

Over the course of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, average Americans have witnessed the extraordinary. Whether it be UFO sightings in the sky, bizarre government images detailing extraterrestrial life, or even covert government documents protected by the CIA, compelling evidence that alien life is truly out there has, undoubtedly, been at the forefront of any alien enthusiast’s mind. 

Fueling this alien phenomenon would be the United States Pentagon and Central Intelligence Agency themselves. In April 2020, the Pentagon began releasing three videos of “unidentified aerial phenomenon,” captured by infrared cameras. 

Initially seen by the United States Navy in 2019, they concluded that the classification of these videos did not “reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems.” However, the release of these videos spurred a continuing alien fixation, with people now beginning to spot these anomalies on their own. 

Most commonly seen in the upper midwest and northeastern United States, bright flashing lights, misshapen objects, and alarming noises have commanded the attention of those in these regions. More specifically, sightings in New York have increased from 151 in 2019 to 184 in 2020. 

With disturbing accounts of alleged radiation exposure from aircraft, blinding bright green lights, a heavy presence of military aircraft, and even recounts of possession by these creatures.

More recently, sightings of mysterious flying objects have been recounted by airline pilots, as evident from frantic radio transmission evidence. 

The radio transmission, from an American Airlines flight traveling from Cincinnati, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona, was picked up by blogger Steve Douglass in an attempt to intercept different signals from a separate aircraft. 

The message “was a pure coincidence,” claimed Douglass.

Nevertheless, following this transmission and almost immediate blog post, Douglass was able to find the location of the transmission just over New Mexico, coincidentally (or not?), the home state of the infamous Area 51. 

The report was so bizarre that the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, released a statement that detailed the encounter, but no further explanation was provided. This insinuates an uncertainty about what was actually seen, if anything at all was seen. 

With a piqued interest in extraterrestrial life, Americans have been fascinated for some time now about these beings, so much so that government conspiracies about unclassified documents have been a staple in the hunt to find the truth about aliens. 

As a result of growing demands for government accountability about these sightings, the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, have released “declassified” UFO documents for anyone to view online. These documents, consisting of approximately 2,780 pages, were released under Freedom of Information Act requests. 

The information details date back to the 1980s, around a time when space exploration, as well as the science fiction genre, were taking off in the United States. In addition to this documentation, the CIA has also uploaded unexplained audio files dating back to the 1940s to the 1990s, which can all be downloaded from the FOIA Electronic Reading Room. 

However, even though there is compelling evidence as to the existence of alien life, there are plenty of explanations offered that give insight into what people can actually be seeing. 

For example, instead of jumping to conclusions about bright, mysteriously shaped objects ripping through the sky as automatically being a UFO, a more plausible explanation would be an image of an LED kite or developed drone instead. 

Furthermore, scientists such as Bill Nye question the validity of these UFO sightings. 

“It’s probably one part of the military not telling the other part of the military what they’re up to, for a good reason,” explained Nye in an interview with CNN Business. 

Overall, as UFO sightings have increased over the past years, many Americans are left wondering the true nature of these encounters. Are they real? Is the government hiding something from the public? Only time will tell the very nature of these sightings, and this could very well be very soon.

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