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Senior Bronco makes his own path on, off ice

Isabella Thomas, Sports Editor

Senior Domenick Romano has been designating time for sports throughout his whole life. Romano’s passion for fitness and sports led him to become a triple threat playing hockey, golf, and lacrosse. 

One of the first memories Romano can recall is ice skating when he was three years old. His career as a competitive hockey player began at a mere six years old, alongside help from his dad. Since then, he has grown as a hockey player; he now plays the positions of center and right-wing, and his dedication earned him the coveted spot of starting center for the Coral Springs Makos Hockey Team.

However, there have been rough patches where Romano could not glide across the ice. During his junior year, he, unfortunately, tore his anterior cruciate ligament, better known to athletes as their ACL. It was a hard recovery, but he gained strength from his adversity. 

“I tore my ACL from a knee on knee collision,” revealed Romano. “I avoided surgery, but I did four months of physical therapy and missed six months of hockey.”

Beyond being a Coral Springs Mako, Romano can be spotted as a Bronco for the Lacrosse Team. His time as a lacrosse player has been underway since his junior year. Right before lacrosse season was when he suffered his injury, but, fortunately, he recovered and was able to play during the season. 

In addition to hockey and lacrosse, Romano also finds himself swinging clubs on a golf team. While he played for the school’s golf team in his freshman year, he no longer plays competitively and now only plays for fun. 

You may have seen Romano representing the Broncos on the field, but did you know he can also be seen planning events with Student Government Association (SGA)? He has been a part of SGA since his junior year. He is on the Faculty and Staff Committee, which plans and has events to provide teachers with amazing experiences throughout the year; the committee distributes goody bags monthly, makes birthday cards, and decorates the teachers’ lounge. 

The Student Government Association adviser, Mr. Cordeiro, has enjoyed the privilege of collaborating with Domenick. 

“His standout qualities are his friendly personality and always having a smile on his face,” shared Cordeiro. “SGA has won numerous District and State Recognitions. Dom’s energy and positivity were big factors in winning them.” 

Not only is Romano heavily involved in sports and SGA, but he also flaunts an astounding 500 community service hours. He has earned so many hours as a member of Key Club but also through his involvement with an organization that hits close to home: the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

Romano became involved in this organization after his grandfather passed away from leukemia. He has gained many skills and valuable lessons from the experience. 

“I learned how to manage a team and be a part of a team,” Romano explained. “I learned to be more assertive in our quest to raise funds during our campaign to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.”

Not only is it one of his favorite memories, but it has also brought him recognition. At the seven-week program, for students from all over Palm Beach, Romano was awarded the “Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year.”

Outside of sports, SGA, and other extracurriculars, he finds himself getting lost in the joys of boating and fishing. One of his proudest moments was being able to “skurf,” an activity similar to waterskiing where an individual on a small board gets pulled behind a boat. 

In addition to boating and fishing, Romano dives into weightlifting, which he finds incredibly prominent in his life. He is especially captivated by the advantages weightlifting brings him.  He uses the sport to build both his body and his mind.

“It helps me clear my mind,”  he said.  “It helps me become a better version of myself.”

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