Meet Central’s Student Government officers

Gabriella Thomas, Staff Writer

Central’s Student Government Association (SGA) is arguably one of the most active, well-known organizations on campus. Homecoming, pep rallies, and lunch time activities are all the trademark of SGA.  This year, however, the pandemic has forced  the student class presidents to redirect their time and resources to make sure the year goes out with a bang. 

SGA specializes in leading, helping fellow peers, and uniting students.  All of this falls under the four class presidents: senior Sonya Smith-Tembe, junior Dailany Echeverria, sophomore Haley Randolph, and freshman Amanda Kuznetz. Overlooking these four class presidents, which forms the student council, is student body president, senior Morgan Chatoff. 

Great responsibility comes with being president of the student council such as being in charge of all meetings, developing yearly goals for all members, calling special meetings when necessary, maintaining the fiscal budget, preparing fundraisers, serving as a voting member on the executive board, and preparing final reports at the end of the year that summarize all the activities of SGA. 

“Being a bridge between the student body and administration,” explained Chatoff. “I can keep everyone informed and make sure that I am easy to talk to and create a safe environment that works for everyone.”

Chatoff has been a part of SGA since being a freshman and oversees the class as the second advisor. As president, Chatoff presents the announcements every day during class time, attends the SAC meetings each month to give a student body report on behalf of the clubs and organizations on campus, and attends president club meetings each month to give a summary on what SGA has been both doing and planning. Also, she keeps everyone informed on events happening both in and out of school. One challenge Chatoff has especially faced this year is keeping everyone informed while staying safe during these hard times of COVID-19. Even though there have been some challenges during this year, Chatoff always keeps a positive outlook on things. 

In addition to Chatoff, SGA also has senior Smith-Tembe, who has been class president for the class of 2021 for three years now. As a class president, she has many duties, protocols, and responsibilities to fulfill like presiding over all class council meetings, representing Central at meetings like the District and Country meetings, and sometimes contacting administration when events need to be approved for the class of ’21. Smith has tried her best this year to hold events, but it has been very difficult due to the current circumstances. In previous years, she has helped plan homecoming, pep-rallies, class fundraisers, and class community service events. Smith is also a part of other organizations at Central such as the National Honor Society and Drama club.  The biggest challenge she has faced during her three years as class president is trying to get over this pandemic and planning events that are both fun and safe for school. 

“SGA is one of the most fun and inspiring organizations to be a part of on campus,” Sonya shared. “Once you are in it, you never want to leave!” 

For the junior class, Dailany Echeverria leads the pack. She has been class president for the class of 2022 for two years now. As a class president, she is responsible for taking charge in meetings, making sure activities are running smoothly, noticing ideas brought up by the junior class, and planning events with the rest of the council.

“This year has not been the easiest,” explained Echeverria. “The hardest challenge I have faced is the sudden change of everything being virtual. It’s been difficult to put on activities and try to get the juniors to participate, but regardless of the challenge, our council has been incredibly creative and willing to make the best out of the situation.”

Echeverria doesn’t exactly have a specific reason why she joined, but she would say that it was her love for others that inspired her to get involved. 

“I love getting to know new people, helping others feel included, and making changes for the better,” she explained. “Overall my desire to give everyone the best high school experience is what influenced my passion.” 

Finally, SGA has a class president for the class of 2023, Haley Randolph. Randolph has been in SGA for two years, one year as a class officer and this year as class president. As a class president, Randolph plans events such as spirit days, fundraisers, and projects for the students. All in all, she makes sure everything runs smoothly, and that every student in the sophomore class has a voice in upcoming events and projects.

“Switching to virtual and planning online events that are still fun and engaging is hard to do,” commented Randolph. “But we have a great student council this year that helps out a ton.” 

It is very hard for her to hold big events let alone in-person events this school year, but last year she helped out with homecoming week. As of this year, Randolph has been working on spirit weeks, fundraisers, and a virtual pep-rally. As president, she hopes that every student continues to stay engaged, and makes sure students feel included.   Randolph is also very involved with many other school activities, such as a sideline cheerleader, UNICEF, FFEA (Florida Future Educators of America), Mu Alpha Theta, and Environmental Honor Society. Outside of school, she does competitive dance.  

“Joining SGA is the best high school decision I have ever made,” shared Randolph. “I can’t picture high school without it. It is so fun and you get to meet so many amazing people every day! I love getting to know everyone.”

Last but not least, we have our freshmen class president Amanda Kuznetz. Ms. Kuznetz has been in the organization for one year as president for the class of 2024’. As class president, she leads the class of 2024’ meetings and attends president club meetings. 

“I joined class council because I heard about it in middle school, and heard it was a great club to join because the club feels like a second family,” said Kuznetz.

Ms. Kuznetz loves how close everyone in the club is and how the organization is able to run Instagram accounts, plan homecoming, and make an impact on the community. She is also involved in other school clubs such as Key Club. 

We appreciate all of our class presidents and what they do for the school. Your amazing efforts do not go unnoticed. We could not thank you enough for your time, dedication, and devotion given to the school!  

Next up for SGA?  Stay tuned.  There’s usually a fun event just around the corner.