Prom on a budget

Enjelica Sangster, Managing Editor


Hairstyles vary from person to person and depending on the style you want and the texture of your hair, prices for an updo could go from $70 – $135.  Check with your friends or family members to help you.  There are also a number of great tutorials online.  


Instead of spending $50 – $70 on a makeup artist for prom, you might want to stop by a makeup counter or store to see if they can give you a tutorial using their products.  Some places will even do it for free but you might have to purchase a certain dollar amount in product.  Ask first. 


Depending on where you go, getting your nails done could become a pretty expensive part of the big night. The average price of a manicure circles around $35, with prices increasing depending on the style of nails, how long in size, and how much time it will take. Keeping the cost down by getting a simple manicured package at the salon or doing them yourself can be an affordable alternative. Head down to your local drugstore like CVS or Walgreens and pick up some nail polish and a nail kit.  The press on nails come in a variety of colors and lengths with some in the $8 range. 


This is an easy one on a budget.  TJ Maxx and Marshalls are a great place to shop around for real and costume jewelry.  Since most prom attendees want to showcase their dresses, take a more conservative approach to your jewelry.  Less is sometimes more.  As the iconic Coco Chanel once said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”


On average, prom shoes can range from $30 – $150. The range is quite wide but there are more reasonable options. Prom shoes could be borrowed or purchased at a lower price at a non-profit organization such as Goodwill.


Prom dresses are not only extravagant but they can be pretty hefty in price. The average price of a prom dress is $100 – $600, but of course, there are still budget options that will make anyone look dazzling. Places like Goodwill and Church Mouse offer dresses at a lower price. Additionally, Ms. Besman is helping fellow students who cannot afford a dress get one free of charge. Just head to room 4-206 and ask her about her collection. Ms. Besman is always open to receiving dress donations of gently used or new dresses. 


Purses are one of the most important accessories that pull any prom look together. It adds an extra touch to the look and serves as a handy place to store lipstick! Depending on the type of purse that you’re looking for, prices could vary especially if they are high-end. The most cost-effective way to find a great purse is to either thrift one or purchase one at stores like Burlington and TJ Maxx which are located just a few minutes from Palm Beach Central.  

Tuxedos and tux shoes

A good and inexpensive tuxedo is hard to come by, especially with prom just around the corner. The average tuxedo can range from $200 – $499. Keep in mind, tux shoes are not ordinary shoes.  They are usually patent leather with little to no decoration.  But no worries, Goodwill often receives tuxedos and shoes as resale for much less.  


Flowers are a critical component on a prom night especially if you have a special someone you want to impress. You don’t want to get them roses that cost way too much at a local floral shop. Instead, there are cheaper flowers that look and smell just as nice at Trader Joe’s. Your date will surely be impressed.  While on the subject of flowers, purchase another bouquet and make a homemade corsage and boutonniere.