Golf captain steps onto green for one last match play

Marissa Ortiz, Layout and Social Media Editor

Ladies golf captain, Black Student Union co-president, active AVID student, and future business leader: these are just some of the activities senior Bronco Jadin Holmberg can be found doing in and out of her classes. On the green with her tees is where one will find her spending the most time, however. 

Holmberg started playing golf at the age of seven. After taking a break from golf for six years, she got back into the sport

Senior Jadin Holmberg swings her way into the spotlight as she shows her hard work and dedication in the sport of golf. Photo courtesy by Jadin Holmberg.

during the summer of her junior year and continued in her senior year. Holmberg took interest in golf because all the men in her family played the sport and she wanted to make her dad and her grandfather proud.

“I like playing golf because it enhances my focusing skills,” said Holmberg. “It makes me feel like I can grow and do good at something I enjoy.”

With her re-entrance into the sport, her prior experience has been valuable to the small but mighty girls varsity golf team.

“Jadin is very witty and a joy to be around,” said girls golf coach, Mr. Persson. “Jadin brings some experience and wisdom to the team.”

Another reason Jadin wanted to play golf was because it is an individual sport, and she can focus more on improving her skills. Golf is all about performing within your division and being the only senior and captain on the team is just a plus.

“Her greatest strength in golf is her power when she drives the ball well and her weakness may be that she doubts her ability too much,” said Persson.

Other than golf, Holmberg has also shown her dedication in the classroom. Constantly striving for success, she has taken several higher level classes such as AICE General Papers, AICE Business, AICE English Language, AP Economics, and multiple Honors classes.

One of Holmberg’s main motivators is her involvement with the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program. The program has helped her prepare for college, create a support system, and look towards becoming a successful woman in the future. 

“Jadin is independent, outgoing, and fights for the things she wants,” expressed AVID teacher Ms. Besman.

It’s in the AVID program, however, that she feels the most comfortable.

“They [AVID] are like a family to me,” explained Holmberg. “They have the same goals as me and they help me be a better person and better student.”

Through AVID, Holmberg has discovered that she wants to be an entrepreneur. After high school, she plans on going to Palm Beach State College for two years and then transfer to a Historically Black College or University to experience more of her culture. Holmberg is excited for her future as she has many ideas for her business and can’t wait for people to see what she does.

When not on the course or in the classroom, Holmberg may be found leading Central’s Black Student Union. As president, she wanted to have a safe space for students to express themselves and teach others about black culture in a positive way. The BSU is a place where people can feel comfort and learn more about the community.

“I think there should be a BSU at PBC because all races should be treated equally and have others that want to learn about the culture,” said Holmberg. “BSU is an open club for everyone and all races. We are an equally racial club that wants to spread love and education.”

Part of Holmberg’s passion for her culture comes from her upbringing as she was raised by her Italian mother and adopted African-American father. Growing up in a biracial household and as an only child, Holmberg was never really exposed to African-American culture. Feeling a need to further embrace this half of her culture and background, she wants to create a space for like-minded people. 

“She is a very honest and caring person,” said senior Gucciany Toussaint, Holmberg’s best friend.

“She made me comfortable with myself and made me more honest with myself.”