Girls’ lacrosse spectacular season, summarized

Ryan Schulman, Staff Writer

    After their amazing season, the Varsity Girls Lacrosse team reflect and share some of their favorite moments. Our Varsity Girls Lacrosse team had a season to remember, with the highest percentage of games won in the team’s history. After the regular season, districts, and regionals, the team went 14-2, which is about an 88 percent win percentage. 

    Not only did they put on a show during the regular season, they also performed during the playoffs. For the first time in school history, the Girls Lacrosse team won the Wellington Rivals Cup against Wellington High School. More impressively, the ladies broke another milestone and won Central’s first District Championship in Girls Lacrosse. 

    Senior Talia Pondiscio, a three time varsity captain, has been a part of the team since her freshman year. She is proud of the team and felt like the season went better than they expected. 

“I feel the season went extremely well,” shared Pondiscio. “Not because we have great players, but because we played great together as a team.”

    Team chemistry on and off the field is essential for a great season, as Pondiscio mentioned. 

    Starting during the summer, the team got ready for the high school season with travel ball. The majority of Central’s players collaborate with other local high schools on the Lady Aces Lacrosse Team. Each practice started with conditioning, which kept the girls in shape and ready for the amount of running they have to do during a lacrosse game.

    The team’s head coach, Coach Abel, explains how this tactic helped the girls prepare.

   “We really focused on the basics and kept that same mindset throughout Fall as well as the regular season,” revealed Abel. “Stick work and running. We wanted to wear down teams with our legs.”

    Throughout the season, they stuck with their pre-season plan and practiced just as hard, or harder, than they played. Just like in travel practice, school practice started with conditioning. 

    Most days, the Varsity players would run a mile at the start of practice, would practice stick work and drills, and then would complete practice with another half a mile or mile. 

   Coach Abel also notes the success of both the offensive and defensive sides of the team, which were integral aspects of the team’s success.  

   “The regular season went exactly how the coaching staff hoped it would have gone,” shared Abel. “We were highly competitive with a fast offense and a disciplined defense. This team has all the leadership and skill to keep this thing going for a while.”

    The team had hard-working players that were willing to get better at all times. It had the right players for the right positions, which is key to a championship team. The coaching staff pushed the girls and prepared them well for the season.

    Although they did not win every game, they still came out victorious in 13 out of their 14 regular season games, and then went into districts looking to knock out every squad they faced. They won districts for the first time, which goes to show how highly trained the team was.

  “I think this season went spectacular considering we got to accomplish many goals that we set for ourselves when we first started playing,” expressed Varsity Lacrosse senior Morgan Rault, who plays attack.

  The team had goals when they first started back in freshman year, and if you look at everything they did throughout the season, they exceeded their expectations. 

  Congratulations to our Lady Broncos on their inspiring season. Continue to show your Bronco PRIDE as you represent our school on and off the field.