Clubs welcome new members, advisor

Cindy Rojas, Staff Writer

With so many changes this year, it’s no surprise that one club experienced a changed in leadership and another joined the ranks of the many diverse organizations at Central.   The National English Honor Society (NEHS) has welcomed a new advisor to continue with the club’s mission, and the Asian Student Union has formed to create a support system for those who share a cultural connection.


NEHS is one of the many honor societies at Palm Beach Central. Led by senior Brielle Young, the club helps to promote literacy and the interest and passion for the English language amongst students. 

In the past, the club has had its members participate at the Quantum House, a care facility for families whose children are receiving treatment for a serious medical condition.  Their volunteers have also participated in Pen Pal programs and school-wide events. The most notable events that NEHS have taken part in was Dance Marathon, a fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and Literacy Week.

“I have always really enjoyed English and language arts,” claimed junior and NEHS member Arianna Rodrigues. “I thought NEHS was a good opportunity to be around people with similar passions as mine and give back to the community.”

Though not a new honor society, NEHS has undergone a recent change of leadership. Mr. Elder has been selected as the society’s new sponsor this school year. Being a part of the English department for 16 years at Palm Beach Central, he is excited about this new opportunity. 

I hope to have the club be as active with our school and in the community as we can be in this time of COVID,” explained Elder who also teacher AICE Literature. “ We are creating a virtual reading library for the elementary schools, volunteering with local libraries, and offering English tutoring services weekly.”

Due to COVID-19, NEHS, like all of Central’s clubs, has held virtual meetings in which they discussed ideas for events. Though unable to participate in the usual face to face activities, they plan on getting involved in as many volunteering opportunities as they can. Currently, NEHS is hoping to secure an event where they make elementary story time videos for children. They are still in the process of finding an elementary school available to work alongside. 

“I think the biggest challenge this year with COVID would probably  be keeping the members engaged and making sure that they are up to date with the new events we are offering,” said senior and president Brielle Young.  “I think most members, if they put in the work and keep attending our meetings for more information, will be able to get their 15 points for their graduation cords.”

Interested in joining NEHS for next year?  You must have at least a 3.4 GPA in English and English-related courses; a sophomore, junior, or senior; a completed application; and two teacher recommendations.  The time to apply is currently TBA.


The newest club to join the roster at Palm Beach Central this year is the Asian Student Union. The club consists of three co-presidents, along with Ms. Sanchez, the sponsor of the club. 

Each co-president represents a different region in Asia: Teji Kari, South Asia; Kim Ho, Southeast Asia; Michelle Qi, East Asia. In the organization, members of the Asian community are able to come together and discuss not only their different cultures but dismantle common stereotypes used against the Asian race. Members of other races are also welcome to join to ally the Asian community and promote diverse discussions.

Inclusivity and community are the major themes of the club, whose members are diverse in their identity and experiences. The co-presidents have worked to create a safe space in which students are able to discuss sensitive topics but also have fun. 

“To me, the Asian Student Union is a club where members can share their experiences as an Asian-American,” stated junior and co-president Ho. “We can relate to each other while also learning about other Asian cultures and topics that affect the community.”

One of the Asian Student Union’s projects this year was holding a meeting and having a “taste of Asia” in which members would be able to bring different dishes native to the country they are from. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, the event has been postponed. Instead, a virtual meeting was held in which different Asian cuisines were explored through pictures and commentary. Another event that they were planning was to celebrate the Lunar Year by having arts & crafts activities such as origami.

“I hope to continue supporting the club leaders as they build the Asian Student Union and so far they have done a great job with the meetings they have held,” says Ms. Sanchez, ASU’s sponsor. “ I’ve offered advice and suggestions and have learned things in turn. I’m looking forward to seeing the club develop and unfold and helping along the way.”

To join the ASU, join with their Google Classroom code: ouvmu35.

Both the NEHS and Asian Student Union have given Central students the opportunity to interact and support diverse communities. Through these unprecedented times, both are committed to promoting education and unity in their own ways.

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